Elisabeth Escobar

Professional Interventionist

Elisabeth Escobar is a professional interventionist in New York, NY and Washington, DC. She has been working in the field of counseling and substance abuse treatment for over 25 years, in both the United States and Europe. Elisabeth served as The Director of Admissions at Thunder Road Adolescent Treatment Center in Oakland, CA for several years before moving into the same position at MPI-an adult treatment program, also located in Oakland, CA. During this time, Elisabeth helped hundreds of clients and their families understand the disease of addiction and choose a treatment option most suitable for them.

Elisabeth has conducted numerous interventions which helped family members understand the effects of substance abuse on the whole family. She has guided family members on how to manage behavior and expectations, as well as learn how to break the cycle of addiction and take the necessary steps to keep Recovery in the forefront of each family member’s mind. Elisabeth works well with all age groups and facilitates each family member’s personal growth and development around what it means to be in Recovery.

For nearly a decade, Elisabeth was a School Counselor at three International primary and secondary schools in Rome, Italy. She established the most successful psychological consortium of English language therapists in Rome for 5 consecutive years. In both capacities, she offered parenting classes and consultations to parents, educators and administrators on issues related to children’s emotional well-being. Her areas of focus included co-dependency, anxiety, substance abuse treatment, prevention, education and treatment, bullying, social skills development and learning disorders. Elisabeth has also served in the capacity of Clinical Outreach Representative for The Menninger Clinic, at Baylor Medical School in Houston, TX and as the Director of 3 Dormitories at Barnard College/Columbia University in NYC, NY. Her volunteer work encompasses Grief Counseling at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospice Care Program in NYC, NY and as a Counselor for a Suicide Hotline in the Wash DC area.

Elisabeth holds an M.Ed in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University and an M.A. in Guidance & Counseling from Eastern Michigan University. Her treatment approach draws heavily from the 12-step program and she utilizes Carl Roger’s approach of Un-Conditional Positive Regard in her work with clients. She also currently maintains a private Coaching, Counseling & Consulting Practice via Skype and is a regular contributor to the London based, “Intervene” magazine.