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Getting Started with
Structured Family Recovery®

It Takes a Family, 2nd ed., by Debra Jay The book It Takes a Family provides families with the entire Structured Family Recovery program. Each SFR team member uses their own hard copy of the book. Kindle versions do not work well for SFR meetings. (If you prefer reading on Kindle, have a hard copy on hand for SFR meetings.)

Debra Jay

Listen to Debra Jay read
the introduction & first chapter
of It Takes a Family

Setting the Groundwork for SFR

This webpage puts all of the necessary resources for preparing for your first SFR meeting at everyone’s fingertips. Each team member completes these short learning assignments prior to the first SFR meeting. This is the first step in getting everyone on the same page, which is key to success. Everything is presented using media that make this very simple even for the busiest lives.

Read: The first pages of "It Takes a Family"

While you’re waiting for your book to arrive, you can read the Introduction & Chapter 1 of It Takes a Family here (a friendly read of 13 pages). If you prefer, you can choose to listen to the audio at the top of this page. When you receive your copy of the book, simply finish reading to page 34.

Read: Use the book

Open your copy of It Takes a Family and turn to page 133. Read the chapter “Begin with a Team.” (5 helpful pages)

Audio: SFR Orientation

Debra Jay walks you through your first SFR meeting (see the audio files below). Completing this audio snap training is key for every SFR team member before the first SFR  meeting. It’s not news that success follows preparation. When it comes to addiction, we cannot afford anything less than success.

Call: We’re here to help

If you have questions about Structured Family Recovery® or would like to work with a professional SFR counselor, please call our office, Mon-Fri, 9-5, Eastern time. We’ll be happy to speak with you. We can also schedule a clinical consultation to assess your family’s special situation and provide specific direction and resources. 313-882-6921

Structured Family Recovery ORIENTATION

You can find other SFR Snap Trainings HERE.

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