A spiritual memoir

In 1990 Jeff Jay set off in an old sailboat for the Caribbean, alone and unprepared, and almost died in a violent winter storm 200 miles off Cape Hatteras. But Navigating Grace isn’t just a book about survival.

Years before the voyage, Jeff had almost died of his alcoholism, rescued only by the love of others. But Navigating Grace isn’t just a book about recovery. In the years between his addiction and his voyage, Jeff’s brother committed suicide, his father died, and his first marriage broke up. But Navigating Grace isn’t just a book about overcoming grief and loss.

Navigating Grace is a book about forgiveness and faith, disaster and deliverance, and the pivotal moments that reshape a life. Jeff Jay’s prose is quick and vivid, and his story will make you believe in miracles again.

Praise for Navigating Grace…

“A recovery masterpiece.”
“This honest and courageous spiritual memoir will bring ‘amazing grace’ to any reader.”
“Navigating Grace is a riveting read; a thrill by the seat of your pants trip to sea, to spirit and a life worth living. Bravo!”
“Jeff Jay is a masterful guide, taking us with him on a gripping odyssey through perilous ocean waters, and through the anguish of his own soul. It’s a journey you will not forget. Written with stunning imagery, Mr. Jay’s encounters with the Divine are thrilling to read. I was captivated start to finish.”
Navigating Grace is a gripping journey through the storms of life. Through his life-story of pain and loss, Jeff Jay guides us through turmoil and perils, and shows how to find hope and serenity from within.”
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