Structured Family Recovery®

It’s time to leverage the power of family

Structured Family Recovery (SFR) helps prevent relapse by creating a Recovery Team that supports our loved one during and after treatment.  The Recovery Team works together with a certified SFR Counselor to bring recovery to life.

The Recovery Team participates in a weekly, one-hour conference call, which keeps everyone connected, no matter where they are. It eliminates the need for office visits and travel. The calls feature education, discussion, and planning. The meetings help dismantle the enabling system, promote cooperations, and rebuild relationships.

In a few short weeks, SFR reduces the chance of relapse and creates a framework for success. The patient joins the SFR calls on week four, often while they are still in treatment. The Twelve Steps are at the heart of every meeting, helping family members lead the way into durable recovery.

Debra Jay’s ground-breaking book, It Takes a Family, provides an entire year of SFR meetings and curriculum, including how to develop a Recovery Plan and how to develop a Relapse Plan.

Dr. Robert DuPont

“Debra Jay unlocks the secrets of this revolutionary approach to addiction. She adds a significant new dimension by focusing on the role of the family, both in creating this system of care and in making it work, long term.”

Dr. Robert L. DuPont, M.D.
Founding Director,  National Institute on Drug Abuse

Drug and Alcohol Treatment may stabilize our addicted loved one, but it doesn’t keep them clean and sober. Success requires an ongoing program of recovery. Addiction is a chronic disease. Without proper support, the addict will relapse.

Using Structured Family Recovery (SFR), families don’t leave success to chance. They can re-create what special groups (impaired physicians, attorneys and airline pilots) have always enjoyed: a guided path to lasting sobriety.

Structured Family Recovery moves family and friends beyond enabling and frustration, and makes everyone part of a recovery team. SFR creates transparency and accountability in a way that prevents the disease from regaining control. SFR brings families back together, helps prevent addiction relapse and lays a foundation for real recovery.

After all, our addicted loved one and our family have the same goal: to be happy again.

“We used to stand outside the recovery circle and judge my mother. Now we’ve all stepped inside the circle, holding hands and doing recovery together.”

–27-year-old son describing his experience with SFR

“The SFR program has given me and my family such an amazing gift.  In the beginning, I wanted to show support for the addict, but I soon found that I stayed with the program for me.  SFR is allowing us the chance to heal and strengthen our family, one conference call at a time.  I feel that my fears and uncertainties for the future are being replaced with the tools for me to make the choices for a better tomorrow.  I will forever be grateful for the SFR program.”

                 -Karrie, SFR team member

Create a home
for recovery
in your home.

Begin with 3 easy steps:

  1. Get It Takes a Family from your library or bookseller.

  2. Read the first 34 pages.

  3. Ask another family member to do the same.


Introduction: We Come Home Together
Chapter One: The Missing Element

Listen as a mother speaks with Debra & Jeff Jay about her year-long experience doing Structured Family Recovery with 5 family members and Tamara James, their SFR counselor. Get a first-hand look at SFR.

The story of Structured Family Recovery

“In It Takes a Family, Debra Jay both revolutionizes recovery and brings it back to its roots. It’s what families have long been waiting for.”

–Sandy Peddicord, former producer, The Oprah Winfrey Show

Structured Family RecoveryFor details on working with a
Structured Family Recovery counselor,
contact Lori Forseth at 1-888-533-1312.

Debra Jay discusses SFR

at the Betty Ford Center Women’s Symposium at UCLA

Available from amazon or wherever books are sold

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