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Love First, 3rd edition, contains references to podcasts, tools, links and resources called Something Interesting.

The Best Minds Podcasts are available now.

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Love First:
A Family’s Guide to Intervention

This download includes a sample of Part 1: Our Addicted Love One.

Jeff Jay’s and Debra Jay’s go-to intervention guide dispels misconceptions around tough love and ambush interventions and, instead, prioritizes the power of love and honesty in guiding family members toward recovery.

This revised third edition features the latest science and an expanded experience with complimentary digital resources at the end of several chapters. ​​​​

This download includes the complete introduction to Love First as well as the first five chapters: Love First, Ten Misconceptions about Addiction, What Does it Take to Get an Alcoholic or Addict to Accept Help?, Are You Barking Up the Wrong Tree?, and You and the Addict are Speaking Different Languages.

Sample Download:

It Takes a Family:
Creating Lasting Sobriety, Togetherness, and Happiness

This download includes a sample of Part 1: What We Need to Know.

In this companion book to Love First, Debra Jay helps families and friends navigate life after an intervention and reinvent their relationships as part of a family recovery team.

Newly revised with the latest research and best practices, this updated second edition includes easy-to-follow exercises that help family members navigate the challenges of enabling, denial, and pain while embracing the joy that comes from healthier relationships.

This free download includes the complete introduction to It Takes a Family as well as the first two chapters: The Missing Elements and Stick with the Winners.

The Best Minds Podcast

Creating a space for families and the best minds
in the addiction treatment field to come together.

Podcasts & Videos to teach you how to do a Love First intervention

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Intervention Team Planner
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Team Planner for Families | Love First

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