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At Wit’s End

This book is the definitive guide for families, patients and clinicians faced with dual diagnosis and co-occurring disorders. Including descriptions of common diagnoses, new treatment strategies, case histories and much more.

Integrating the best evidenced-based medicine with Twelve Step recovery in a profoundly new approach that breaks down barriers and makes treatment work. The authors share more than a half-century of combined experience to bring clarity to complex cases.

At Wit’s End describes the complex dynamics at work when alcoholism and drug addiction meets psychological problems like depression, anxiety, bipolar, PTSD and more. It also brings clarity to the maze of providers and institutions that play a role in the treatment process.

A must-read for families seeking answers about a loved one’s co-occurring disorder.

We now know that higher-order interventions –cognitive and spiritual– have a powerful effect on the brain and body. Similarly, there is very strong evidence that bottom-up factors –diet, exercise, and medicine– affect thinking, decision making, and behavior. Addressing all four factors means you are addressing co-occurring issues from both directions: top down and bottom up.

–At Wit’s End, by Jeff Jay and Jerry Boriskin, Ph.D.

Families at wit’s end about a loved one’s co-occurring psychiatric and addictive problems will find vital information—and inspiration— in this important guide. As the authors explain, when psychiatric and addictive disorders travel together, they cause confusion among family members and even misdiagnoses for patients. Here, families learn how psychiatric diagnoses mimic addictive disorders, why chemical use exacerbates psychiatric problems, what various treatment approaches offer, and when intervention is needed. Real-life stories throughout the book offer hope, illustrating that people do recover from co-occurring disorders and that families do heal.


“A practical step-by-step guide for people seeking hope and help through the shadowy maze of mental illness and addiction.”

At Wit’s End skillfully shares useful science and practice in an engaging and manageable read. When nothing is left but hope, this book is a light to stable and rewarding recovery.”

“An essential addition to addiction literature and an invaluable guide for families.”

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