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Aging and Addiction

Aging and Addiction, by Carol Colleran and Debra JayAging and Addiction is an authoritative guide for families, friends, and colleages who want to know how to help an older adult or senior suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction, or medication dependence. It provides detailed explanations and suggestions, along with a wealth of resources.

Topics include: definitions of alcoholism, drug addiction, and chemical dependency; intervention, family responses, understanding treatment, and issues in early recovery.

Written by best-selling author Debra Jay and national expert on older adults and addiction, Carol Colleran, this book will provide answers for families dealing with a treasured family member.

From the introduction by Barry McCaffrey, former Drug Czar:

“This superb book will help save lives. It’s that simple. Aging and Addiction is intelligent, readable, and well researched. Above all, it is an immensely compassionate book, which offers hope and direction to families and readers who have an older adult who is abusing alcohol or medications.”

“Older American adults who abuse or are addicted to alcohol or prescription medications are not failures. Most have raised wonderful families, retired from successful careers and community activities, and led energetic lives. They are suffering from a disease. As with any other physical illness, they can be helped to recover. However, many go without diagnosis or even minimal treatment from their doctors and the health care community.”

What People Are Saying

“An important new book. A godsend for older adults and those who care for them. Here readers will find easy-to-understand explanations for the specific problems of addiction and clear paths to lifelong recovery.”

“Finally, a book that supports families helping older adults maintain independence, sobriety, and joy of life.”

“Clearly written, filled with well-told stories, helpful resources, this book will help young and old alike grasp the facts about the unique problems associated with older adults’ addiction.”

“Aging and Addiction offers research and clinical literature on late-life alcohol and medication problems that are a growing public health threat. For health care and treatment professional, older adults, and family members.

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