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I hate growth: a guide to change, by Jeff Jay

Change is necessary, they say, but sometimes I just don’t like it.

Hands down, the most professional, content rich training I have ever attended. -Helen Parker, PhD

Clinical intervention training in the Love First model. Five days with Jeff and Debra Jay, in person, June 18-23, 2023, Wayzata, MN.

Family is primordial. It defines us. It is who we belong to and who belongs to us. … Addiction changes that.

Kids can't do it alone

My grandchildren are suffering because their parents are addicted. What can I do?

He was only drinking and smoking weed, but he had terrible consequences.


Acceptance isn’t resignation. Instead, it serves as a starting point for transformation and healing.

Alcoholism is a thief because it takes so much from us mentally, physically, and spiritually. It is cruel thief.

Almost every week, I get a call from a family who is about to make a terrible intervention mistake. They will almost guarantee failure in their attempt to get their loved one into treatment. I can only imagine how many families don’t call, and fall into this critical error.

Unexpected Happiness of recovery

“I was convinced I’d never be happy again,” he said. “I figured I might be able to quit drinking, but I knew I was going to be miserable.” He said this with a twinkle in his eye.

Free Intervention and family recovery webinar by Jeff and Debra Jay

Hazelden hosted 4 free webinars featuring Debra and Jeff Jay, and 4,000 attended. You can view the webinars anytime, after registration.

The Family Recovery Experience, part 2

Real stories of families struggling with addiction who found happiness again.

Parenting and Marijuana

Dear Jeff and Debra: Our 16-year-old son is smoking marijuana. He doesn’t hide it, arguing that it is natural and legal. We’ve pointed out that it isn’t legal for him.

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