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Interventionist training and certification in the Love First model. Five days with Jeff and Debra Jay, in person, June 18-23, 2023.

Alcoholism is a thief because it takes so much from us mentally, physically, and spiritually. It not only robs us of our wellbeing, our health, and our faith, it steals us away from our family and friends. Above all, alcoholism destroys trust—the bedrock of all relationships. Addiction all but forces us to lie about our actions, sowing suspicion, anger and despair among family members and friends. Worse yet, alcoholism causes us to say things we would never say and do things we would never do, robbing us of our dignity and hurting the people we love the most. It is cruel thief.

Staying safe and avoiding “Holiday Heart” are important topics.

Almost every week, I get a call from a family who is about to make a terrible intervention mistake. They will almost guarantee failure in their attempt to get their loved one into treatment. I can only imagine how many families don’t call, and fall into this critical error.

Unexpected Happiness of recovery

“I was convinced I’d never be happy again,” he said. “I figured I might be able to quit drinking, but I knew I was going to be miserable.” He said this with a twinkle in his eye.

Free Intervention and family recovery webinar by Jeff and Debra Jay

Hazelden hosted 4 free webinars featuring Debra and Jeff Jay, and 4,000 attended. You can view the webinars anytime, after registration.

Family is primordial. It defines us. It is who we belong to and who belongs to us. … Addiction changes that.

The Family Recovery Experience, part 2

Real stories of families struggling with addiction who found happiness again.

Parenting and Marijuana

Dear Jeff and Debra: Our 16-year-old son is smoking marijuana. He doesn’t hide it, arguing that it is natural and legal. We’ve pointed out that it isn’t legal for him.

The Family Recovery Experience, part 1

Structured Family Recovery® helps families rebuild trust and find lasting happiness. The first of two podcasts that provide a window into the SFR experience.

Research continues to show a strong link between cancer and alcohol. New studies demonstrate that alcoholics are not the only ones who need to be concerned. In fact, the latest numbers are startling.

Children suffer silently when a parent is addicted, yet they are often forgotten. Jerry Moe has been at the forefront of helping the children of addicted families for decades.

Creative ways lower-cost treatment can provide excellent programs. Two treatment experts share their wisdom, offering hope for families and clients. Jim Balmer, co-founder of the Dawn Farm treatment program and Anna Byberg, clinical director, and incoming president of Dawn Farm.

Lawyers: recovery for licensed professionals

Licensed professionals like lawyers, pilots, doctors and other health professionals receive a very high level of treatment and support if they require addiction treatment. As a result, they achieve greater success. What makes the difference?

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