What people are saying…

about the Love First Clinical Interventionist Training

“I have been licensed as an LCSW and LADAC  for over 30 years and the Love First clinical intervention training is absolutely the finest training I have ever attended. Debra and Jeff offer a depth of knowledge, experience and passion that is unparalleled.”

“This was by far the best investment of time and money of all the education and training I’ve done in my professional career. Thank you, Jeff and Debra. You two are amazingly talented, gifted and expert trainers.”

“Hands down one of the best, most professional, ‘content rich’ trainings I have ever attended. A total joy and privilege to have spent time–not just with Debra and Jeff–but the whole class.”

“This was a fantastic training that included didactic, experiential, and interactive learning. What an incredibly caring and competent group I shared the experience with.  Thank you Debra and Jeff for your generosity of self and all the work that went into organizing it. Not only have I made new friends, but once again, saw the power of Love First in our clinical intervention work. Thank you!”

“The Love First Clinical Interventionist Training was the single best training I have experienced since graduate school (20 years).  Jeff and Debra are masters of their craft.  I have found the training to be immediately helpful to my practice and the families I serve.  If you are thinking of facilitating interventions this is the training to take….hands down.”

“I truly cannot speak highly enough about my experience with Jeff and Debra Jay and their clinical intervention training. The Jays have a passion and a working knowledge of interventions that I couldn’t begin to find elsewhere. The training was incredibly inclusive and well-paced. They were highly accessible as instructors and imparted their knowledge in a fun, warm and energetic environment.”

“I have attended medical and addiction conferences for more than 30 years. This was by far the best.”

“The training I received from Love First was the best I have attended in 25 years as a counselor.  It was engaging, relevant and imminently useful. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.”

“As an experienced practitioner in the addiction treatment field I have attended many training sessions and workshops over the years, so I was a little cynical to start with. This soon disappeared as the structure, content and quality of what was to come during the week completely captivated me.

“The bar for acceptance and certification is set high. The Jays are committed to carrying the message of recovery in the first instance, this was the underlying message throughout the training along with the ethics and responsibility to the profession and an obligation to maintain the highest standards of ethical behaviour.

“The training experience has changed my practice in numerous ways and from this alone, I know it was invaluable and worthwhile commitment and one I shall hold onto with fond memories for many years to come.”

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