Crossroads Antigua

For many addicts, the shame of facing their illness is second only to their fear of going to treatment. They don’t want to leave home and they don’t want to get help with a group of strangers.

Imagine the relief the addicted person feels when he or she learns that their family has selected Eric Clapton’s treatment center, Crossroads, on the beautiful island of Antigua. The combination of first-class medical treatment with sea breezes and 12-Step recovery is a special gift.

I had the pleasure recently of taking another patient to Crossroads and spending time with Executive Officer, Kim Martin. Under her expert direction, the center has expanded its already extensive services, providing a warm and professional environment for the treatment of chemical dependency.

Many families think that Crossroads must be fabulously expensive, but nothing could be further from the truth. The treatment is very competitively priced and some scholarships are available for those who need it.

Others think that treatment in Antigua must be a glorified vacation, but this is not the case. A discussion with an admissions counselor and a look at the weekly schedule will dispel any ideas that patients will simply be lounging in the sun. Crossroads provides serious treatment for serious people in a beautiful setting.

Another benefit is the family program, offered once per month. It provided critical support and education for families, along with the opportunity to reconnect with their loved ones. What better place to begin again?

I’ve had a number of patients at Crossroads over the years, but every time I come back I wish there had been more. We use many treatment centers in our private practice, many of which are listed on this website. But Crossroads will always have a special place in my heart.

–Jeff Jay

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