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Would you rather learn to swim by reading a book, or by having someone get in the pool with you and show you how to swim?


12Care recovery mentoring program



Mentoring, monitoring and 12 months of

Structured Family Recovery®

The majority of people who complete treatment relapse within one year. But nearly 90% of licensed professionals, like lawyers, doctors and airline pilots, are still clean and sober after one year. What makes the difference?


Licensed professionals participate in mentoring and monitoring programs provided by their licensing agencies. They are personally guided through every phase of the recovery process and they are continually monitored to encourage compliance.


12CARE improves on this concept and makes it available to everyone. We have recruited and trained a team of Recovery Mentors, family counselors and therapists to provide personal support and guidance. Our hands-on approach provides help for both the family and the newly recovery individual.


The 12Care program helped me make the critical adjustment from in-patient treatment to participating in the recovery community at home. My mentor had extensive knowledge of life in sobriety and was able to help me through my recovery issues, while accompanying me to AA meetings and helping me find a sponsor. My decision to participate in the 12Care program was the right investment for my future. –Joe G., Cincinnati, OH

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The 12CARE program components  fall into three broad categories:

  1. Recovery Mentoring for the patient

  2. Clinical monitoring for the patient (random screening, aftercare attendance, etc)

  3. Family counseling and on-going support through Structured Family Recovery®


A 12Care Recovery Mentor has the experience to lead by example.

A 12Care Recovery Mentor has the experience to lead by example.

Each component lasts 12 months. Any component can be purchased individually or as part of the comprehensive clinical service. All services will be individualized.


A recovery mentoring and monitoring program provides essential support and case management designed to prevent relapse. Working closely with newly recovering alcoholics and addicts, we teach success. From the moment they leave treatment until they’re working independently with a sponsor in A.A., we provide the support necessary to achieve long-term sobriety.


Acting as guide and confidant, the mentor shows the alcoholic or addict how to work a program of recovery, helps him or her engage with other recovering people, and starts the process of living in the solution. A recovery mentor is skilled at overcoming the common resistance to attending A.A. meetings and participating in outside activities.


A mentor begins by attending 12-Step meetings with the alcoholic. Many newly sober people won’t attend alone because they feel uncomfortable, or they have previous negative experience. A mentor helps the newly sober addict choose a home group. Together, they will do reading and writing assignments, discuss the steps, read A.A. materials, and prepare the alcoholic to work with an A.A. sponsor.


Additionally, mentors can help family members get started in Al-Anon, the Twelve-step program for family and friends of alcoholics and addicts. Making a decision to go to an Al-Anon meeting can be as difficult for family members as deciding to go to A.A. is for the alcoholic. Mentoring programs are designed to fit the needs of the individual. The Family Counselor is trained at addressing issues common to families dealing with chemical dependency and dual diagnosis. This is accomplished through Structured Family Recovery®.


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