About Jeff Jay and Debra Jay

Jeff Jay

Jeff Jay, BSc, CIP, is a clinical interventionist and addiction specialist. He has been guiding  families into recovery  for more than 30 years. His work has appeared on CNN, the Jane Pauley Show, PBS, Forbes Online and many professional journals. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, a certified addictions professional (CAP) and a certified intervention professional (CIP). He has served as president of the Terry McGovern Foundation in Washington, DC, and as a trustee of the Michigan Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors, Dawn Farm, and the EAPA of Greater Detroit. Jeff currently serves as a board member of the Association of Intervention Specialists; and the editorial board of Human Development magazine; and on the advisory board of Jefferson House, in Detroit, MI; and the editorial advisory committee of The Grapevine, the publication of AA World Services.


Jeff is the coauthor of the best-selling book Love First: A Family’s Guide to Intervention, (2nd Ed., Hazelden, 2008). His latest book from Hazelden is Navigating Grace, a solo voyage of survival and redemption (2015). He is also the c0-author of At Wit’s End: What You Need to Know When a Loved One Is Diagnosed with Addiction and Mental Illness, (Hazelden, 2007).

“I am passionate about intervention for a very simple reason,” says Jeff. “Intervention saved my life.”
He heads a national private practice that provides intervention and recovery mentoring services. He is is a former clinician with the Hazelden Foundation and Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center. His personal recovery from dates from October 4, 1981.


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Debra Jay appeared frequently on The Oprah Winfrey Show. She is a noted author, lecturer and interventionist. She has been seen most recently on The Dr. Oz Show.


Debra is author of It Takes a Family, (Hazelden, 2014), the guide to Structured Family Recovery®.  She is also the author of No More Letting Go: The Spirituality of Taking Action Against Alcoholism and Drug Addiction (Bantam). She is coauthor of the books Love First and Aging and Addiction (Hazelden).


Debra worked for the Hazelden Foundation as an inpatient addiction therapist on both men’s and women’s units in primary care. She facilitated the family program, coordinated the older adult program, and worked in the extended care, aftercare and outpatient programs. She designed an outpatient family program. She also supervised the women’s unit. She has worked as a clinical interventionist since 1996.


She is a guest lecturer at Wayne State University for graduate-level studies on substance abuse. She is a trustee of the Care Continuum Board of St. John Providence Health System and is a member of the Clinical Care Team. She was honored at the 54th Annual Detroit Bishop’s Dinner and received the Sister Letitia Close Award, which recognized her efforts in helping women affected by the disease of addiction. Debra Jay sits on the boards of St. John Providence Health System, Dawn Farm, and previously Brighton Hospital.


Debra Jay is a nationally recognized public speaker and writes a newspaper column on alcohol and drug addiction. She is a graduate of The Ohio State University and the Hazelden School of Addiction Studies. She is also a graduate of the Dale Carnegie Course on Public Speaking.


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Debra Jay

Debra Jay

Jeff and Debra live in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan and travel extensively as interventionists and as public speakers.