Monitoring and Case Management

Building blocks for success

Rebuilding trust and confidence is made easier by careful random testing. Research shows that comprehensive monitoring lowers the chance of relapse, builds accountability, and supports positive change.

  • Thousands of testing sites nation wide
  • Comprehensive test panels (urine, hair/nail and blood)
  • Random and on-demand testing and/or SoberLink breathalyzer
  • Web-based notifications for participants
  • End-to-end chain-of-custody management
  • Timely delivery of information to case management staff, ensuring accountability
  • Medical Review Officer (MRO) services by nationally recognized and certified physicians
  • Confidentiality and security

Our monitoring and case management services can also be configured to include:

  • Psychiatric evaluation and compliance
  • Psychological testing
  • 12 Step meeting attendance
  • Outpatient therapy attendance
  • Employer-mandated services
  • Phone check-ins with case manager

Tests are done on a randomized schedule. Participants go online 6 days per week to receive notification for their random test through Affinity eHealth. Case management services are utilized for monitoring test results, for support calls to participant or family, and for verification with other providers, as requested.

For concerns with alcohol use, a SoberLink breathalyzer can also be utilized. SoberLink utilizes photo imaging of the subject to confirm identity and insure compliance. Typically, the breathalyzer would be used three times per day.

For information on monitoring and case management
call: 888-220-4400

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