Structured Family Recovery®

It’s time to leverage the power of family

“Debra Jay unlocks the secrets of this revolutionary approach to addiction. She adds a significant new dimension by focusing on the role of the family both in creating this system of care management and in making it work, long term.”

Robert L. DuPont, M.D.
Founding Director,  National Institute on Drug Abuse, and former White House Drug Czar

“It Takes a Family” improves treatment outcomes by leveraging the relationship power of friends and family.

Structured Family Recovery (SFR) starts with weekly conference calls facilitated by a specially trained counselor. The calls keep the family team working together to create a culture of recovery in the family.

In a few short weeks, SFR reduces the chance of relapse and created a reliable framework for success.

The book provides an entire year of Structured Family Recovery meetings.

Treatment stabilizes our addicted loved one, but it doesn’t keep them clean and sober. That requires an ongoing program of recovery. Addiction is a chronic disease. Without proper management, the addict will relapse.

Using Structured Family Recovery (SFR), families don’t leave success to chance. They can re-create what special groups (impaired physicians, attorneys and airline pilots) have always enjoyed: a guided path to lasting sobriety.

Structured Family Recovery is a weekly program that moves family and friends beyond enabling and frustration, and makes everyone part of a recovery team. Working together creates transparency and accountability in a way that prevents the disease from regaining control. SFR brings families back together, prevents relapse and lays a foundation for real recovery.

After all, our addicted loved one and our family have the same goal: let’s be happy again.

Watch the story of Structured Family Recovery

“We used to stand outside the recovery circle and judge my mother. Now we’ve all stepped inside the circle, holding hands and doing recovery together.”

–27-year-old son describing his experience with SFR

Download an excerpt from It Takes a Family

Including the Introduction and Chapter One

“In It Takes a Family, Debra Jay both revolutionizes recovery and brings it back to its roots. It’s what families have long been waiting for.”

–Sandy Peddicord, former producer, The Oprah Winfrey Show

Debra Jay discusses SFR

at the Betty Ford Center Women’s Symposium at UCLA

For details on working with a Structured Family Recovery® counselor
contact Lori Forseth: 888-533-1312

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