Lowell Duncan, LADC, CAP

Professional Interventionist

Lowell Duncan is a clinical interventionist based in St. Paul, Minnesota. He has more than 30 years experience in the substance abuse and addiction treatment field. Lowell is a graduate of the Hazelden Chemical Dependency Counselor Training Program, and he an LACD, CAP, and an Internationally certified counselor.

HeroinLowell worked at Hazelden Foundation in Minnesota for 26 years as a therapist and Unit Supervisor. He is also the author of Hazelden’s publication Heroin: The First Few Months of Recovery  and many of Hazelden’s smoking cessation materials. He has served as educator, counselor, supervisor, manager, director and executive director.  He has experience working on women and men’s units, extended care, tobacco services and chronic illness. He has worked in many settings outpatient, residential, halfway houses and classrooms.

Lowell has presented a number of national and local workshops. He helped start substance abuse treatment programs, and participated in creating a mental health model into 12-step abstinence based program. Lowell developed and facilitated meth-related programs in the community and prison programs. He published and facilitated groups for youth at risk in the community. He participated in tobacco, meth and ethic panels.  He has served on a number of different innovation committees, and treatment design groups.  Lowell believes in 12- spiritual programs for people of all backgrounds and beliefs. He uses a number of different counseling theories to supplement 12-step treatment.

Lowell’s intervention experience is as wide and deep as his professional experience. He joined the Love First team in 2013. He is married and has 4 adult children. He is interested in reading, history and meditation. He enjoys riding motorcycles, skiing, snowshoeing, traveling, living in the country, organic farming and helping those suffering with addiction.  He has an active recovery program and believes in combining avocation and vocation to give life meaning.