Cheryl Emery, MS, LMHC, CAP

Professional Interventionist

Cheryl Emery is a professional interventionist based in Miami, Florida. She is passionate about helping families and individuals struggling with addiction. She has an unusual breadth of experience, having worked in both psychiatric stabilization units and addiction treatment programs since 2003.

Cheryl Emery, professional interventionistCheryl earned her Master of Science Degree with Honors from Georgia State University. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and a Certified Addiction Professional (CAP).  She specializes in complex addictions, mental health issues, and developmental trauma. Cheryl excels in helping highly resistant clients (including young adults) and families affected by addiction and mental health problems. Click here to read Cheryl Emery’s full bio.

Work with Cheryl Emery

You may wish to begin with a scheduled consultation with Cheryl Emery, to see if intervention is right for your family or to explore treatment options. Consultations are available by video conference or conference call (or in person in the South Florida area), and may include multiple family members.

Family members don’t always agree on how to address addiction and mental health problems. Often, it may feel like everything has already been tried. The dynamics of addiction usually throw a family’s emotions into disarray, which can create chaos – and addiction thrives in chaos.

Cheryl can provide order, direction and new options. A scheduled consultation, lasting at least one hour, will start the process. A detailed history will be gathered, and a fresh strategy can be developed.

To begin working with Cheryl Emery, call the main office of Love First, Inc. at: 888-220-4400. International calls: +1-313-882-6921. Professional fees apply.


Love First Certified Clinical InterventionistCheryl Emery is a Love First certified clinical interventionist, the most advanced and rigorous training in the field of intervention. She will work with you and your family to develop an individualized plan to get your loved one into treatment. Read more about the intervention process here.

Cheryl is attuned to the special needs of patients with co-occurring mental health problems. The Love First method harnesses the natural care and concern of the family in a specific and organized way in order to break through defenses and denial and bring the individual to a moment of clarity, where they will accept the help which is being offered.

To begin working with Cheryl Emery, professional interventionist,
call the main office of Love First.


International: +1-313-882-6921

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