Spiritual unmanageability grows out of physical and emotional unmanageability, and it is the most pernicious. I find myself wondering at God’s apparent indifference, and this despair hollows me out from the inside. God’s seeming disregard vexes me, and makes me irritable and impatient. Prayers don’t seem to work. I’m getting no results. Where is mercy? Where is love?

Discernment begins with a dilemma. What should I do? Discernment is also the way out of the dilemma, a method for discovering the way forward.

What do addiction recovery and religious conversion have in common? (Originally published in the Journal of Human Development)

“Make me a channel of your peace….” —Prayer of St. Francis We can all admire the prayer attributed to St. Francis, no matter what our pastoral, teaching, or care-giving role. But what can I do to keep my own channel clear? Having worked as an addiction counselor for decades, I know something about crisis management […]