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Four Ways to Take Action

1. Learn More. Take a few minutes to get a better understanding of addiction, intervention, treatment and recovery by reading through our pages. Start with our professional services or meet our clinical interventionists. Also, see our most popular links, listed below. Knowledge is power.

For an overview of the intervention process, read Jeff Jay’s six articles on intervention.

2. Read the book. You don’t necessarily need to hire a professional interventionist in order to do a good intervention. Love First is the best-selling book on intervention (originally published in 2000). Its step-by-step format shows you how to get your loved one into treatment. The authors, Jeff Jay and Debra Jay, explain the dynamics of addiction, how to stop enabling, organizing your family, plan your intervention, select a treatment center and more. Or read the new book by Debra Jay, It Takes a Family.

3. Watch the Intervention Workshop videos. This instructional video series teaches you how to plan and carry out a powerful family intervention. The Intervention Workshop videos are available to watch immediately, and they cost only a tiny fraction of working with a professional interventionist. Share them with your team and prepare to take charge of the most difficult situaitons. For more information and to watch sample videos, click here.

Jeff Jay

Jeff Jay

4. Work with a professional interventionist. Jeff Jay and our team of clinical interventionists will help get your loved one into treatment. We provide a thorough training and rehearsal process, we lead the intervention and we also include a safe escort to the treatment facility.

Our private practice provides the highest level of service, whether you need a brief telephone consultation or an emergency intervention. Read about our professional background. Most families take a week or two to plan and carry out an intervention. But we can also intervene in as little as 24 hours, if necessary. We also provide recovery mentoring.

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