Intervention, Mentoring and Structured Family Recovery®

Structured Family Intervention

Love First: the best-selling book on intervention

Our clinical intervention services are comprehensive. Here are some of the elements of our structured intervention service, based on the best-selling book Love First, by Jeff Jay and Debra Jay:


  1. Training, including how to answer objections, how to use the power of the group to break through denial, how to structure bottom lines and more.
  2. Rehearsal, including various scenarios that might take place in the intervention, contingency planning and direction.
  3. Intervention, a specific and organized conversation with the addicted person to break denial and move them into treatment.
  4. Escort, there is no additional charge to escort your loved one to treatment, beyond the necessary travel expenses.
  5. Follow-up, including liaison between the treatment center and the family and general questions. Case management services also available.


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Every intervention includes:

  1. Fact-finding to gain a clear understanding of the issues
  2. Choosing the most effective intervention strategy
  3. Helping to choose an appropriate treatment center
  4. Seven point process for writing intervention letters
  5. Brainstorming for objections and answers to objections
  6. Planning for bottom line consequences
  7. Matching treatment options to family finances
  8. Making travel arrangements
  9. Professional facilitation the intervention
  10. Overcoming objections and dealing with difficulties
  11. Professional synopsis delivered to treatment provider
  12. First session of Structured Family Recovery®


Hourly consultation option

If you aren’t sure about doing and intervention, but would like to work with us on an ongoing basis, we’ll be happy to begin a consultation process with you. These sessions can involve multiple family members and friends, and some portion of the cost may be deductible from a future intervention. Call us to schedule and appointment.


Basic team preparation option

If you would like to do your intervention without a professional, but would like the benefit of some professional training, we can provide initial education and training for your family and friends by conference call. This training will usually last two to three hours. It is also an effective way to unify your team prior to an intervention, especially when some members are reluctant to move forward. The cost for a team preparation can be deducted from an intervention, if the intervention takes place within 90 days.


Services after the intervention


It Takes a Family: a cooperative approach to lasting sobriety

Presenting the year-long program called Structured Family Recovery™

The power of the intervention team can be transformed into an ongoing recovery team. Utilizing weekly conference calls, the team stays together under the guidance of a specially trained SFR counselor. Initially these meetings will prepare the team to deal with difficulties that may arise in treatment (wanting to leave early), and will evolve to address relapse prevention and the difficulties of returning home.


Treatment professionals know the power of family, but this power has often been wasted with scanty educational programs and inadequate planning. Debra Jay’s book, It Takes a Family, changes all that. Her 12 month Structured Family Recovery® program can be implemented just by reading the book. Or, you can choose to work with one of our trained Structured Family Recovery® counselors. This program begins immediately after the intervention, and preserves the momentum and unity of the intervention team for extraordinary results. Call 888-220-4400 for details.


Recovery Mentoring

Coming home from treatment and beginning a life in recovery is difficult. Without adequate support, relapse can happen. We provide professional recovery mentoring in the critical first weeks — and up to 12 months. Our 12Care program provides the missing link between inpatient treatment and stable recovery. Most people who relapse do so during the 3-month period following treatment. They relapse because they haven’t truly bonded to their local recovering community. Recovery mentoring can make the difference. To learn more, click here.


Case Management

Some cases are so complex that they require ongoing case management, especially for patients with a history of relapse. We can assure continuity of service between various providers (inpatient, outpatient, psychiatric, etc.), and we can also continue to provide consultation and counsel to the family or workplace in the months following treatment. These services are billed on an hourly basis.



We offer comprehensive monitoring services, including drug tests, breathalyzers, workplace agreements, and much more. We use the Affinity e-Health system for seamless integration into case management, with thousands of testing sites nationwide.


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