Books by Jeff Jay and Debra Jay

Love First

The best-selling book that helped revolutionize the field of intervention for the 21st century. Since it’s publication in 2000, no intervention book has been more widely read. “A convincing new approach to intervention that puts love and respect first.” -Jack Canfield, Coauthor, Chicken Soup for the Soul series

by Jeff Jay and Debra Jay, 2d edition, Hazelden

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It Takes a Family: a cooperative approach to lasting sobriety

It Takes a Family

Debra Jay’s revolutionary new book takes a fresh approach to the recovery process by making family members and friends part of the recovery team, beginning in the early stages of sobriety. It Takes a Family presents the Structured Family Recovery® process, a year-long program for families.

by Debra Jay, published by Hazelden

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No More Letting Go

Addict’s families have been told they must detach and let their addict “hit bottom.” But Debra Jay says addiction doesn’t have the right to trump the welfare of the family. She offers a bold new approach that provides a practical and spiritual lifeline to families struggling with alcohol or drug abuse.

by Debra Jay, published by Bantam

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At Wit’s End

The definitive guide for families, patients and clinicians dealing with dual diagnosis and co-occurring disorders. Including descriptions of common diagnoses, new treatment strategies, case histories and more. Integrating the best evidenced-based medicine with Twelve Step recovery in a new approach that breaks down barriers and makes treatment work.

by Jeff Jay and Jerry Boriskin, Ph.D., Hazelden

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Aging and Addiction

Older adults and senior citizens age quickly when suffering from alcoholism or addiction to mood-altering prescription drugs. They lose their health, their mental clarity, and their ability to live independently. The good news is, older adults are more successful in treatment than any other age group.

By Debra Jay and Carol Colleran, Hazelden

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