12Care Monitoring

After treatment, families are often very anxious and patients may feel pressured to prove they are stable. Monitoring makes life easier for both patients and families, as compliance is monitored by an unbiased third party. Attorneys and physicians who are monitored by their licensing boards after treatment have a far higher success rate than typical patients. Why? Accountability provides stability.

Recovery monitoringThe monitoring component of the 12Care program provides comfort and assurance to families at the same time that it provides evidence and accountability to patients. The result is increased confidence at home and work. The ultimate goal is to help rebuild trust.


Monitoring for Success

A program of accountability that reinforces success  will help rebuild trust between patient and family. We offer comprehensive monitoring of aftercare compliance and random drug and alcohol screening, and more. Your personal case manager will guide the process.


  • reliable random testing
  • national network of collection sites
  • 12-step meeting attendance
  • aftercare counseling
  • building accountability
  • medical/psychological follow-up




Monthly Reports

Monthly compliance reports can be sent to the individuals approved by the patient (usually the workplace or family). These reports are an invaluable tool in tracking a person’s ongoing success in recovery. Your case manager can customize this program to fit your needs.


Download more information on our monitoring program HERE.