Love First – the bestselling book on intervention

the best-selling book on intervention

the best-selling book on intervention

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Love First has helped thousands of families get their loved ones into treatment. The revised and expanded edition includes the most up-to-date scientific information and new intervention techniques for alcohol and other drug addiction, dual diagnosis and other issues.


The 2nd edition of Love First includes a 7-point format for writing intervention letters, multiple techniques for staging an intervention and detailed instructions. Readers will learn how to build an intervention team, answer objections to treatment and much more. It is a roadmap for the journey to recovery for the whole family, including what to do after treatment, such as developing a Relapse Agreement.

There are many common misconceptions about intervention. Some think it is an emotional ambush or attack. But Love First demonstrates that intervention is a carefully planned process founded on love and honesty. Many people have heard about tough love where tough comes first, but Jeff and Debra Jay put love first.


Iam truly excited about the new book Love First. Jeff and Debra Jay have described so eloquently addictive disease within the family and more importantly, what a family can do about it. Most alcoholics and addicts are not able to access the treatment they need. Families and loved ones who read this new look at intervention will find the keys to begin the process of recovery.

–John Schwarzlose, president emeritus, Betty Ford Center


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Building a team, choosing a chairperson,anticipating objections, using checklists, and rehearsing for the intervention itself. The reader will find it all here!

Robert M. Morse, M.D., Professor of psychiatry emeritus

Mayo Medical School and former Director of Addictive Disorders Services, Mayo Clinic

Love First provides the most detailed account yet of how intervention works. A significant contribution to intervention literature. An empowering antidote to the disease of addiction.

William L. White, author

Slaying the Dragon: The History of Addiction Treatment

A no-nonsense approach to how to save someone you love from the ravages of addiction disease.

William Cope Moyers

author of Broken

A convincing new approach to intervention that puts love and respect first.

Jack Canfield, co-author

Chicken Soup for the Soul series

A landmark book that gives families life-saving tools to help get a loved one into recovery. Bravo for this book that puts love first!

Jim Ramstad

United States Congressional Representative

Love First is destined to become the new classic on intervention for alcoholism and drug addiction. The most comprehensive book available on the life-saving technique of intervention, Love First will save lives! A worthy successor to Vernon Johnson’s I’ll Quit Tomorrow.

Kathy Ketcham, co-author

Beyond the Influence and The Spirituality of Imperfection

George McGovernRead the foreword to Love First by the late Senator George McGovern, who lost his daughter Terry to alcoholism.


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