Items of Interest

The Neurobiology of Cocaine Addiction, by Eric J. Nestler


Addicted in Academe: A memorable and insightful piece, written by an anonymous female professor from an American research university.


Cannabis smoke health warning: Three joints equals twenty cigarettes according to the British Lung Association. Read the article on


Underage and Adult Excessive Drinking accounts for more than half of US alcohol sales, according to this JAMA article.


Clinical Interventionist puts Love First: a profile of Jeff Jay, outlining his personal story and emphasizing the Love First approach to intervention.


As Alcoholics Recover, Spirituality Increases: Interesting study from the University of Michigan shows link, regardless of AA attendance.


Between the ages of 16 and 21, I was prescribed more than 15 different stimulants… Compelling first hand account.


Social Drinkers and Brain Damage. A compelling study.


Girls using drugs, alcohol more than boys. How the times are changing and girls are catching up in ways we don’t like to see.


Stephen King on James Frey’s ”Million Little Pieces.” An insightful article that puts the book, the author and the media hubbub in perspective.


When Games Stop Being Fun. An early article calling attention to the dangers of online gaming addiction, especially with MMORPGs (massive multiplayer online role playing games) among adolescent males.


The Inadequacies of the Evidence. Good article on evidence based medicine. Helpful in evaluating claims about pharmaceuticals and methods in the field of addiction.


How we get addicted (TIME) Good explanation with up-to-date science and especially good graphics (look for the tabs at the top of the article).


Learning the Hard Way Michael Burke lost his freedom and his license to practice law because of his gambling habit. A compelling story of addiction and recovery from the ABA Journal.