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“Tough Love or Love First?”

The article is a good introduction to intervention for clinicians and families alike. It includes a checklist for working with families.

Forbes magazine

Workplace Intervention

Jeff Jay was interviewed by Forbes for an online article on interventions on the job. The article includes a seperate series of tips for dealing with employees with substance abuse problems.


Debra Jay was featured in Prevention Magazine. The article, “Intervene with Love,” helps families decide when it’s time to step in to help a loved one, even if they don’t want help.



I think it’s a misconception that intervention has to be angry. You can use love, not confrontation, to break through the denial. In fact, love is so powerful, much more so than anger or shame, that very little can trump it or initiate change in the same way without wounding the relationship.

Debra Jay in Prevention magazine

Debra Jay was also interviewed for an article on MTV News regarding Lindsay Lohan.

Debra makes an important point: “Relapse is not the first drink, it’s what led up to it.” Read the entire article here.

Debra Jay was interviewed by the national magazine

Al-anon Faces Alcoholism

in their 2011 issue.

Read the article.

Ask Jeff and Debra. Read the Jay’s monthly columns from the Grosse Pointe News on alcohol, drugs, and family. These columns feature a question and answer format, and cover a wide range of issues. Click here.