Structured Family Intervention

Structured family intervention reunites familiesFamily intervention uses the power of love and concern to break through addiction and denial and get your loved one into treatment. By organizing family members and friends in a very specific way, as laid out in Love First, we are able to get results that were impossible in the past.


The keys to a successful intervention are planning, preparation and technique. Many people think they’ve tried everything to help their alcoholic or addict, but often family members have been working against each other. They‘ve never taken an organized approach or worked with a professional interventionist.

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Intervention unifies the family and gets everyone working together. Before the intervention ever takes place, the team goes through a planning a rehearsal process that leaves nothing to chance. Take a look at this intervention checklist.

Here’s an excerpt from Love First, by Jeff Jay and Debra Jay:


In the past, expressions of love were delegated to a few brief sentences during an intervention. We’ve learned that when we expand the role of love in intervention, it is love that first breaks through denial, not toughness. Using love first, we often never have to use tough love.

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Debra Jay, co-author of Love First, discusses when a professional might be needed.

Section 4, Chapter 11, from Intervention Workshop

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A family intervention begins with one person looking for a way to end the problems caused by alcoholism or other addictions. Those who love the alcoholic put aside everything they think they know, and begin anew. With a thorough and updated education, the family makes a well-informed decision about intervention.


There are several ways to educate yourself on intervention. You can work with one of our professional interventionists to guide the family. We will help you decide if intervention is right for your family and how best to help affected children. For more information, read about our services, meet our clinical interventionists or call our contact us.


email us with questions about interventionYou can also educate yourselves using low-cost resources on intervention. You can get the best-selling book Love First from any library or bookstore. Or you can get it from amazon, either in hard copy or for your Kindle or Kindle iPad app.


We also offer a comprehensive online video course on intervention. This method will take you step-by-step through the whole process, right now on your computer for about the cost of one hour of clinical treatment.


Once family members and close friends understand that intervention is based on love and dignity, it is likely they will support taking this well-planned, highly successful approach to helping a loved one.


If you’re not sure if your loved one has a problem with alcohol or other drugs, take this quiz.

For a comprehensive overview of the intervention process, read Jeff Jay’s six articles on intervention.




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