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Consultation – Intervention – Mentoring – Monitoring & More

Sunflower field.Jeff and Debra Jay have assembled a highly experienced team of clinicians for intervention, consultation, case management and recovery mentoring. We provide expert direction and planning for every aspect of the intervention, treatment and recovery process.


Our staff not only have years of professional experience and advanced degrees, they also have their own personal recovery stories. Our team of addiction specialists have beentrained using the Love First method.

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Structured family intervention Our process is more than a simple intervention. After assembling your intervention team, we will have two extensive meeting for training and rehearsal, prior to doing the intervention itself. We train the team in the 7-point intervention letter writing process, how to handle objections to treatment and how to prepare for difficult scenarios. We lead the intervention and we also  include escort your loved one to treatment. The family will be prepared for common problems during treatment and the return home.

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We also offer consultation services if you aren’t sure if intervention is right for you. We will help you determine what your specific situation requires–intervention or another option–and then help you formulate a plan of action. Consultations can take place either in person or by conference call and can include multiple family members, friends and colleagues. Consultations can be done on an hourly basis or can include all the initial elements of an intervention preparation. Call for more information: 888-220-4400.



Recovery Mentoring – 12Care: What happens when your loved one leaves treatment? We have developed a comprehensive program that will guide them -and you- through the first year of recovery. We provide on-site guidance, taking the individual to 12 Step meetings, establishing a home group and sponsor, developing a Relapse Agreement and more. We also offer monitoring services to assure compliance. Mentoring provides the missing link between inpatient treatment and continuing recovery at home. Most people who relapse do so during the 3-month period following treatment. They relapse because they haven’t truly bonded to their local recovering community. Recovery mentoring can make the difference.

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Case Management

Complex cases offer special challenges. We will oversee the treatment process to make sure nothing is missed and give the family regular update. We are also on-call to families who have questions or crises during the treatment process. We also offer ongoing case management services to oversee the quality and continuity of care over multiple treatment providers and into recovery. These additional services are provided above and beyond our intervention service.

Interventions for young people require a different set of skills, and we have special expertise for dealing with this age group.


Intervention for executives and impaired professionals is another area of expertise in our practice. We can facilitate workplace or family interventions for impaired professionals in the medical and legal fields as well as therapists, pilots and business executives.


Debra Jay is the co-author of Aging and Addiction and she is a nationally recognized expert on older adult issues. Many of our interventionists have special expertise older adult intervention.


Jeff Jay is co-author of At Wit’s End, Hazelden’s ground-breaking book on co-occurring psychiatric disorders and addiction. Several of our interventionists also have expertise in this important field.


In addition to alcoholism and drug addiction, we provide intervention services for gambling, eating disorders, mental health issues, and sexual addiction and more.


If you would like to talk to us about our services, contact us toll free at our main office in Grosse Pointe, Michigan at: 888-220-4400 (outside the US: +1-313-882-6921).