Holiday Drinking Guide

A letter from one of our readers…

Dear Jeff and Debra,

We now have two family members recovering from alcoholism (and a few more who probably should be). We always host a large family party over the holidays, and we wonder if we can offer something besides soft drinks and coffee for the non-drinkers?

Holiday Hosts


Dear Hosts,

Thoughtful people like you embody the spirit of the holidays. Family parties should be a time for celebration, but for newly-recovering alcoholics, they can be stressful and dangerous. Having some interesting alternatives to alcohol will not only make their lives easier, these “great pretender” drinks can also encourage others to stay within their limits.


For many years, AAA Michigan published “Great Pretenders” drink recipes for just this reason. Although it hasn’t been published this year, you can find a previous edition here: .


We also found a tasty drink called Golden Glow Punch at

6 oz orange juice concentrate 6 oz lemonade concentrate
1 qt chilled apple juice
2 qt chilled ginger ale

1 pint lemon sherbet or ice ring

Pour the concentrates and the apple juice into the punch bowl. Stir the ginger ale into the bowl. Spoon in sherbet or add an ice ring. Serve immediately.


To make ice ring, arrange thin citrus slices in a 6-cup ring mold. Pour water into mold to partially cover fruit. Freeze. When frozen, add water to fill mold 3/4 full. Freeze. Unmold and float fruit side up in punch bowl.


Everyone will enjoy these festive drinks, and your thoughtfulness will be appreciated. Your sober friends and family members will notice the extra effort you’ve taken, and your holiday spirit will really shine.


This post originally appeared in the Grosse Pointe News

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