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How to plan and carry out a good structured family intervention


Woman on the phone looking at her laptopThis page guides you to useful information and additional links. These tools will help you plan an intervention.


The FAQs, or frequently asked questions, will address many of your first questions.


Our Addiction Quiz that answers the question: How do I know that my loved one has a chemical dependency problem? The quiz doesn’t provide a medical diagnosis, but it can help to point you in the right direction.


Also see our quiz for young people who may have alcohol or drug problems. Click here.


The intervention checklist will help you to plan and carry out a good structured family intervention. It includes many of the details necessary to work through the process.


Jeff Jay

Jeff Jay, clinical interventionist and co-author of Love First

The intervention articles written by Jeff Jay will give you a comprehensive overview of the intervention process. It includes Jeff’s personal story of addiction, intervention and recovery. It also includes instructions for how to write an intervention letter. Six articles on intervention — click here.


1. Jeff’s Story | 2. Enabling | 3. Preparations | 4. Writing Intervention Letters | 5. Intervention Day | 6. Treatment and Recovery



Jeff and Debra Jay have both written articles for publication as well as having articles written about them. Here is a selection. Every month, Jeff and Debra Jay answer questions from readers. Their columns, originally published in the Grosse Pointe News since 1996, have been collected here.


If children are involved in the alcoholic home, make them your number-one prioity. Here are thoughts and resources.


Other items of interest have been collected here on a wide range of issues from various authors and publications.