12Care Program Components

Mentoring, monitoring and 12 months of family support

12Care recovery mentoring program

The majority of people who complete treatment relapse within one year. But over 90% of licensed professionals, like lawyers, doctors and airline pilots, are still clean and sober after one year. What makes the difference?


Licensed professionals are mandated into mentoring and monitoring programs by their licensing agencies. They are personally guided through every phase of the recovery process and they are continually monitored to discourage relapse.


12CARE improves on these programs and makes them available to non-licensed individuals and their families. We have recruited and trained a select team of Recovery Mentors, family counselors and therapists to provide personal support and guidance. Our hands-on approach provides help for both the family and the newly recovery individual, even before they return home from treatment.


Recovery mentoring for the patient

A recovery mentor works closely with the newly-recovering person in the first crucial days after treatment, introducing them to the local recovering community and building the structure that will sustain them in the months and years to come.

  • accompany to 12-step meetings
  • identify sponsor and home group
  • volunteer service work
  • implement aftercare plan
  • relapse prevention strategies
  • develop a daily recovery routine


Recovery Mentoring Workbook

An eighty-four page book written by Debra Jay to guide the newly-recovering person, focusing on daily assignments, relapse triggers and recovery strategies.

  • extension of clinical treatment methods
  • daily reading and writing assignments
  • recovery skill building
  • relapse prevention exercises


Monitoring for Success

A program of accountability that reinforces success, rebuilding trust between patient and family. Comprehensive monitoring of aftercare compliance and random drug screening.

  • 12-step meeting attendance
  • aftercare counseling
  • medical/psychological follow-up
  • random drug screens
  • building accountability




Relapse Agreement

Love First staff will facilitate a meeting between family members and patient to develop a detailed written plan, which will be implemented in the event of relapse.

  • staff, family and patient participate
  • agreement on consequences
  • detox/treatment to follow
  • structured aftercare plan


Structured Family Recovery®

We have experienced family therapists who can address the toughest family issues and help bring resolution to strained relationships. We specialize in healing.

  • on-site or phone consultation
  • help with codependency issues
  • recovery and relapse strategies
  • rebuild family relationships
  • stress reduction skills


The 12Care program has brought remarkable success to our families. Read actual testimonials from our satisfied clients.



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