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Our intervention services can help get your loved one into treatment and manage the recovery process afterward. Our clinical interventionists are experts in structured family intervention. In fact, we wrote the best-selling book on intervention, Love First.

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Recovery mentoring, sober coaching, monitoring and drug screening

Recovery Mentoring for the patient and Structured Family Recovery™ for the family are the best tools to ensure continued success after treatment. Our 12Care program provides 12 months of support for the newly-recovering person, as well as the family.

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Interventionist training for experienced clinicians

For professionals and clergy only. 5-day training at Betty Ford Center, to become Love First Certified Clinical Interventionists. OR training with Debra Jay to become a Certified Structured Family Recovery™ Counselor.

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Books, video and articles on intervention, treatment and recovery by Jeff Jay and Debra Jay

Love First is the best-selling book on intervention. Debra’s new book, It Takes a Family, provides new strategies for relapse prevention. We also have free Intervention Videos, articles and more. Don’t miss our Blog.

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Love First. The best-selling book on intervention





books by Jeff Jay and Debra Jay